Intelligent Warehouse Execution System (WES)

Intelligent Warehouse Execution System (WES)

Distribution Center Process Control Systems

Our intelligent warehouse execution system solutions for distribution centers serve very specific, as well as far reaching needs inside your distribution center.  We focus on maximizing your resource utilization, and do this in a way that automates wave planning while increasing your distribution center capacity.

Proven Process Improvement

The key to our success lies not only in our process control systems, but in how we think about your order fulfillment process.  Instead of looking at your process as a linear progression of events, we break all out all of the individual functions and can adapt to any problem that may arise throughout the pick, sort, pack and ship process. Linear material flow plans are only efficient until the first exception is encountered.  The highlight of our applications is the ability to dynamically adapt to exceptions and changes that occur in normal material handling operations. Our proprietary software continually monitors ongoing operations and re-evaluates the actions necessary to meet the changing needs. These features provide a system where the current physical conditions are “modeled” by the system-as opposed to a system that forces the physical conditions to model its data.

Discover the Benefits of an Intelligent Warehouse Execution System

  • Dynamic execution – Monitoring an operation in real time, then adjusting automatically to optimize it.
  • Workload balancing – Adapting to real-time workload demands, automatically reallocating resources to maintain constant workflow throughout the operation.
  • Sorter optimization – Maximizing product throughput and volume through sorters—often resulting in a 30 percent capacity increase.
  • Automated wave planning – Eliminating non-essential relationships in fulfilling orders, creating continuous flow and eliminating low-productivity wave transitions.

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